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Common Repairs


Jean Patches - $5-$15

Zipper Replacement (fly) - $20

Zipper Replacement (general) - $10-40

Mend Seam - $5-$20

Common Alterations

Jean Hems - $10

Dress Pant Hems - $15

Pants Waist Adjustment - $15-$40

Knit Hems (shirts, sweatpants etc.) - $10-$25


Q: Can you do (blank)?

A:Probably! Send me an email or message me through the form on the Contact page to find out!

Q: What about a price for (blank)?

A: Feel free to send me an email or message me via the Contact page if you'd like a price for a specific job. I may need to see the item and/or do a fitting to give an accurate price range.

Q: Do I need to do a fitting?

A: If you need a repair or already know exactly what needs to be changed (e.g. you need pants hemmed to a measurement you already know) then no. Feel free to simply drop off the item pinned or with instructions and I'll take it from there. Otherwise, I usually do fittings at my home at 650 Gilchrist St.

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