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Do you have a favourite shirt that you'd like 3 more of? Do you have a design idea floating around in your head that you've always wanted to wear? Email me and we can sort out how to make it happen.

Remaking items is pretty easy. I can create a new pattern from an existing garment, then reuse that pattern as many times as you like. Even better, the more copies I make based on the one pattern, the more cost-effective the job will be! Prices start at $60 (basic design, you have fabric, I can take the original garment apart to use as a pattern) and grow based on labour and materials, for instance if the garment must be traced instead of taken apart, if I have to find and purchase materials, if you want changes to the pattern, or if the garment is more complex.

Finally, I can design clothing from scratch based on your measurements. This will likely require a few discussions, reference pictures, and sketches to establish exactly what you want as well as multiple fittings to create a template for the perfect fit and ensure the final pattern is right. As always, once I have the pattern, it will be faster and cheaper to produce more copies of a garment.

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